Ordinary Man – Unusual Plan – Episode 1

This is the first podcast of my radio show ”Ordinary Man – Unusual Plan”.  This first episode introduces the program and what it’s about, and also gives a brief bio of the host.

“Ordinary Man – Unusual Plan” airs on the radio station KNCS Fridays at 6 a.m. MST, and is a show that describes with true examples of how God uses ordinary people to do awesome things.

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Ordinary Man – Unusual Plan – Episode 1



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Watch For Falling Objects!

Just the other day I was taking a walk on my lunch break.  I walked on a sidewalk alongside a very old downtown hotel building that was undergoing some repairs.  The normal open sidewalk had a wooden tunnel built on top of it that’s designed to protect pedestrians from falling objects.  So I passed through underneath.

Normally, I wouldn’t expect it to happen often that something would drop from the hands of the construction workers while they’re doing their careful work on the building.  But safety should never be taken lightly, and I’m glad that roof was there over my head.  As I was about a third of the way through the wood-roofed tunnel, I suddenly heard a loud THUMP right over my head.  Could have been a hammer, or somebody’s lunch box, or a sharp and dangerous power tool...

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Radio Interview replay – “Real Talk With Lee”! Rappel story told…

My interview with Hollywood Lee on 7/9/14 on his radio show, “Real Talk With Lee”. I talk about my music events and updates, my new radio show, and I describe the rappel I’ll be doing on 7/11/14. Skip ahead to 16:05 on the audio, which is when the actual interview starts.

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The Rappelling Rapper? Going “Over The Edge”!

World Trade Center DenverI updated my status on Facebook the other day, posing this question:  Would you climb down the side of this building???

What the heck made me decide to do something like this anyway?

So I passed by a booth that some people were setting up on the plaza in front of the very tall building in which I work.  The gal setting up the booth said something to me as I was walking by reading the giant banner on her table.  I couldn’t hear her the first time, so I asked her to repeat.  She asked, “How would you like to rappel off the top of that skyscraper?”  So I asked, “Uhhhhh, you mean today??”  No, not today, but far enough into the future to allow anyone they sign up hopefully enough time to let it sink in and mentally prepare thyself.

I told the nice lady that I would need to thin...

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Praying For You, Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby_HHS MandateI came across an update on a news story that I’ve been following for the last 2 years or so (and praying for).  The HHS mandate that’s forcing small businesses to go against their religious beliefs or pay heavy fines if they decide not to comply.

On a similar note, I posted something on Facebook a couple months ago about the Legislature here in Colorado trying to pass something that would forbid any future laws to pass that would restrict the abortion industry, allowing abortion providers to have carte blanche on their practices.  (Imagine… a democracy in which laws are not allowed to be made.  Appalling!)  As un-American as that was, I’m glad that piece of legislation didn’t pass!

The HHS mandate is another piece of legislation at the federal level that also is un-American...

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Ordinary Ways

 20140519_124239I saw this mural being painted the other day, as they were painting it.  I wasn’t able to see the completed work until days later when I was walking by again.  Not a bad mural for being painted on the side of a bar…
It reminds me of a radio segment that I did fairly recently (oh yeah, I’m a radio personality now… more on that later).  The topic of this particular segment was on St. Therese of Lisieux.  The words that I read on that mural reflect pretty closely the life that she lived.  Treating others with compassion, in a very simple and ordinary way.  A lifestyle that has been inspiration of one of the songs on my first album.
Been working on some preparations in the last couple months...
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New Beginnings

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus in this ministry due to the birth of my new baby, but getting back in the groove again.
Just wanted to first of all express how proud I am of my new daughter, Bethany. She was born on 3/13, as healthy as anyone could ask for. And such a beautiful baby. This is one of the favorite videos that I shot on the day of her birth:

Adjusting to 4 kids in the home has been challenging. I think that going from 3 to 4 has been harder than going from 2 to 3. We’ll get there eventually, get the routine down, and accept a “new normal”.

As I’m adjusting and defining a new routine, there’s lots of stuff in the mix… balancing the job, my family, my faith, all the various domestic tasks, and this hip hop ministry project… oh, and sleep. Well, it isn’t easy...

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Rapping Dad types – Part 2

Back in the ‘90’s, if you did any kind of Google search with the terms “Rapping Daddy”, you may have seen something about Will Smith’s “Just the 2 of Us”. Of course, YouTube wasn’t around back then, so you probably wouldn’t have been able to click on a music video.

But in this day and age?

There was an article on the Huffington Post in 2012 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/16/the-parent-rap_n_1791726.html), stating how it seemed to be a popular trend for parents to get in front of the camera and rap about… well, parenting. Creating silly, exaggerated, spoofy rhymes & hooks about the day-to-day life of parenting little kids. Anybody ever seen any of these types of videos? Many did go viral...

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Got radio play of “The F-Word”!

A radio station in Alabama, KISS 104.7 FM, played my song “The F-Word”!  Listen here:

The radio personality announcing this song contacted me afterward and told me how wonderful and positive the song is, and how he really appreciated me sharing it on his station.  A real blessing it is to have that kind of support!

And I feel very blessed that this good Christian message is getting out on secular airwaves!

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Interview with Hip-Hop Radio Personality “Lil Dee”

I was interviewed on a hip-hop Internet radio station!  I broke it down here into individual questions.  Some are quite interesting, as you can imagine.  I included the entire interview from start to finish at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Q:  Tell the people where you calling from, what do you have going on, and where they can find you at online.

Q:  You went from a gospel singer to a gospel rapper, you don’t hear that happening too often [normally other way around].  What led to that?

Q:  Did you originally jump into rap just for the fun, or did you know all along that you wanted to bring the [Christian] message tha...

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