New Beginnings

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus in this ministry due to the birth of my new baby, but getting back in the groove again.
Just wanted to first of all express how proud I am of my new daughter, Bethany. She was born on 3/13, as healthy as anyone could ask for. And such a beautiful baby. This is one of the favorite videos that I shot on the day of her birth:

Adjusting to 4 kids in the home has been challenging. I think that going from 3 to 4 has been harder than going from 2 to 3. We’ll get there eventually, get the routine down, and accept a “new normal”.

As I’m adjusting and defining a new routine, there’s lots of stuff in the mix… balancing the job, my family, my faith, all the various domestic tasks, and this hip hop ministry project… oh, and sleep. Well, it isn’t easy...

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Rapping Dad types – Part 2

Back in the ‘90’s, if you did any kind of Google search with the terms “Rapping Daddy”, you may have seen something about Will Smith’s “Just the 2 of Us”. Of course, YouTube wasn’t around back then, so you probably wouldn’t have been able to click on a music video.

But in this day and age?

There was an article on the Huffington Post in 2012 (, stating how it seemed to be a popular trend for parents to get in front of the camera and rap about… well, parenting. Creating silly, exaggerated, spoofy rhymes & hooks about the day-to-day life of parenting little kids. Anybody ever seen any of these types of videos? Many did go viral...

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Got radio play of “The F-Word”!

A radio station in Alabama, KISS 104.7 FM, played my song “The F-Word”!  Listen here:

The radio personality announcing this song contacted me afterward and told me how wonderful and positive the song is, and how he really appreciated me sharing it on his station.  A real blessing it is to have that kind of support!

And I feel very blessed that this good Christian message is getting out on secular airwaves!

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Interview with Hip-Hop Radio Personality “Lil Dee”

I was interviewed on a hip-hop Internet radio station!  I broke it down here into individual questions.  Some are quite interesting, as you can imagine.  I included the entire interview from start to finish at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Q:  Tell the people where you calling from, what do you have going on, and where they can find you at online.

Q:  You went from a gospel singer to a gospel rapper, you don’t hear that happening too often [normally other way around].  What led to that?

Q:  Did you originally jump into rap just for the fun, or did you know all along that you wanted to bring the [Christian] message tha...

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Rapping Dad types – Part 1

This is a 2-part post. A topic I wanted to bring up, which I’ll call “Rapping Dad types”, based on some pretty interesting finds as I’ve been building the blog.  Today I’ll talk about one particular find, and the Part 2 of this post will be highlighting my “Top 3” favorites of a very unique category of music videos.

When you’re building a blog, at some point you’re going to type your domain name keywords into Google, whether it be to try to come up with a good domain name, or just to see what other blogs & sites are out there within your topic or niche. So awhile back, when I typed in “Rapping Daddy” and “Rapping Dad”, I came across some interesting results.

When searching those keywords, this man appears EVERYWHERE on the front page of G...

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Rapping Daddy – My Album Cover Art & Hear All My Songs For Free!

What do you think of my album cover art? :) The F-Word EP rap album cover art

My music is soon to be on pre-release status (hopefully in the next day or so), with official release date being 2/17/14.

I’m pretty new to marketing music, so I’m making a choice to do it in a way that hopefully will benefit everyone.  I had thought about uploading short excerpts of my tracks to my Music tab, but being reminded of Mt 5:15 where it says “Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house,”  I want to share my music and good message with ya’ll.  It will be available on iTunes and Spotify very soon, and I’ll let you know when that happens.  But for now, feel free to stream the entire tracks here at no cost:

(and feel free to f...

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Journey of a Rapping Daddy – My Rap Recording Session

Well folks, here it is. My rap album being recorded. And first I’ll humbly request, SHARE this video. I want the message of this important mission to get out, and I could use ya’lls help with some “Share” love. And LIKE this fan page and I’ll send you my first rap song as my free gift to you.

It was a very exciting day, and one I’ll never forget. I was in the company of my family and very good friend who was filming. This recording studio was absolution amazing, not only in the facilities and equipment setup, but also the staff… the studio manager, the engineer I worked with, the interns… were so friendly (and family friendly), laid back, and very welcoming...

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Daddy Date – Throwing Football & Throwing Snowballs!

It was Sunday and I was feeling the pressure of getting as much done as I could before my busy week ahead. My kids were just being… kids. Running around the house, kinda bored, but also kinda annoying the wet blanket of a dad with all their noise. I sent them outside to play so that I could get some peace and quiet and so that they can run down some of their hyper energy (but mostly so that I could get some peace and quiet).

And I was able to get some things done… but a soft voice spoke to my heart that they need me. That they would really value some good fun time goofing off with Dad. I then felt that I needed to act on that and go out and spend some time with them.

As I’ve heard it said many times, they grow up so fast. And isn’t that the truth...

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Journey of a Rapping Daddy – First Song Demo!

Awesome news! My first rap song is in demo form now! I’ll now be able to take the demo and prepare to record the song with my own voice. Very exciting!

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Journey of a Rapping Daddy – Nobody’s Perfect

All of us are always called to do more. I’ve started participating in a weekly meeting for dads that will challenge me to be a better father. As I go through this Journey of a Rapping Daddy, it will be truly a journey, not only of developing my rap ministry, but also becoming better at my calling as dad.

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